Native Max Magazine – Year-End Issue



Welcome to our special year-end issue, where we proudly spotlight the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions of Indigenous multitalented business owners, fashion designers, artists, and creators. In this edition, we celebrate the resilience, creativity, and profound impact of these visionary individuals who excel in their respective fields and dedicate themselves to supporting and elevating others within their communities. As we reflect on the past year, join us in exploring the inspiring stories and dynamic journeys of these trailblazers, whose passion and commitment have shaped their own success and become beacons of empowerment for those around them. This is a tribute to the resilient spirit of Indigenous entrepreneurship and creativity, a testament to the talent that continues to weave itself into the fabric of our collective future.

Finally, a magazine that focuses on the positivity of Indian Country while promoting readers to connect to their culture.

Up to 28 pages of exclusive content
A refreshing outbound of unique editorial voice and clear, striking visual presentation
Diverse content mix not seen anywhere else
Very little retouching of photos
Printed in the USA

Product details: 8.5 x 11 inches. Semi-gloss cover. 28 semi-gloss pages. Perfect bound.

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